LOVE: Fuzzy Animal Print Blankets

I HATE these types of blankets, but it seems as if every Latino I know LOVES them. They are fuzzy since they tend to be made out of a micro-plush polyester fiber where the fabric does not breathe (does not allow air in or out) capturing the heat your body generates and that is how it keeps you super warm. I am allergic to these fabrics. I need to be 10 feet away from them and just the sight of them drives me nuts. Yet, I bet, at least one in every two Latino households owns one.



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  1. Lynn was right: it is a San Marcos blanket. I think the word you are looking for is cobija or cobijita.

  2. Don’t take this the wrong way but just because you are allergic shouldn’t be a good reason to hate them. Let me also add that if Latinos use this because they keep us warm when its freaking cold outside, I would surely consider them pretty smart considering people out there are dumb enough to spend over 100 dollars on a blanket that just looks pretty. I’m proud to have one thats keep me warm when I need it…

  3. Hello Ana. You can find them under many names, such as: Plush Blankets, Tiger Blankets, Acrylic Blankets, Throw Blankets, or Fleece Blankets. 🙂

  4. Hello Steph, *lol* I hate those blankets, but can’t say the same for the rest of mi gente.

  5. Don’t like the animal print, but def got the micro fleece plush blankets all over the place

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